Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I waited and waited and waited... it was worth it!

I am a stalker.  At least that is what my husband calls me.  I loooove Amy Butler.  For those who don't know she is a fabric designer, sewing pattern designer, an author and many more things I am sure.  She resides and works in Granville, OH and she was at Sew to Speak tonight. 

If any of you have been in the shoppe before you know it's smallish.  I have never seen so many people fit into this space before.

I knew so many people. It was great.  I talked to former students, friends, colleagues and Amy!!

Don't we look like stairs?  Amy is the tall one.  Esther (a friend and my CCAD teacher) is the short one.  Sorry Esther...should I say the one in the blue top?  You hung in with me till the end and it was so nice to chat with you :)

And here....the book Santa brought me is now SIGNED:

And she gave us a free pattern for the bed bug pillows.  So cute.  I have to say that she was approachable, sweet and even though she had spoken to a ton of people tonight and went over her scheduled time, she still was gracious and it made me respect her even more.  Thanks Amy and I hope to see you again soon!  xoxo


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