Thursday, July 7, 2011

Suzy Ultman fabrics

At the shoppe last night I was getting ready to teach and noticed the new Suzy Ultman fabrics sitting there in all their colorful glory.  They were so sweet with the little acorns, owls, snails and birdies.  The nature scenes are plentiful in fabrics lately but these are super cute and perfect for kids items. 

So I have made some samples (thank you Anita)!  Come into the shoppe and see them in person.  This fabric will be for sale really soon. 

A bib and a little girl's skirt

And here is the skirt by itself

A make-up bag or it could be used for anything really...diapers and wipes comes to mind.  These type bags are great for all the things floating around the house or in your purse. 

And the inside....

And my trademark pinked edge patch...I do love these :)

Yay for Suzy Ultman and new fabric coming soon!!


Anonymous said...

It is a pleasure to see my prints used for such lovely projects! Thanks. very best, suzy*u

babygees said...

Thank you Suzy and keep making your lovely prints!!