Tuesday, May 1, 2012

no more ears

For those who make pillows....a trick that I have stumbled across and wish I would have used sooner.  Trimming the "ears" off of your pillows.  Here is what you do (and I will be updating these instructions for my class as well). 

Cut your pillow panels the same measurement as your insert.  So if you have a 18" by 18" pillow, cut 2 at 18" by 18"....no extra for seam allowance.  I have found that the inserts usually run smaller than stated and/or are fuller in the middle and not flat.

Then fold and press the panels in half and then quarters.  Measuring 1/2" down from raw edge, draw a line to the press mark in the center and trim.  This allows the pillow to look full and not pointy with ears.  I will be using this REALLY soon to cover some pillows that have mysteriously been adorned with popsicle stains.

picture not to scale....just trying to illustrate the cut lines

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