Friday, September 28, 2012

new space

I have been inspired by all of the cool sewing rooms I have seen on Pinterest.  I decided to clean up my basement and make it a proper sewing space.  Here are some pictures: 

Why did they put fireplaces in basements in 1940?  I like it though...

I love this little ottoman.  The kids wrecked the top so I recovered it. 
Super cute now and has storage inside. 

Believe me...this is a vast improvement over what it was.  Still a work in progress but at least now having classes here is a possibility.  And yes, for those who have been here before - the Pepsi machine is still down here (boo!...don't read this Brant). 


1 comment:

Carrie "Green Clean Girl" Grome said...

I want to see before & afters! I only vaguely remember what it looked like before you cutified it... And it is cute!!