Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I am new-ish to quilting.  I have probably made about 8-9 quilts in the whole of my sewing life (I started when I was 13).  So that is a pretty small number for the years I have been sewing.  I have never had the patience for it.  I made this little quilt to be a wall hanging in my basement studio.  Well, needless to say that patience for sewing straight lines and straight cuts is never more apparent than when you want to hang something on the wall.  It all shows.  Really glaringly.  So my appreciation for those who are meticulous quilters has grown and I have a renewed desire to master this craft.  So take 2... for now this little quilt will get hung on my quilt rack, it didn't make the wall hanging cut.  I think I will try a pattern next instead of one of my designs...chances are better that way!

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