Friday, February 22, 2013

the forgotten bathroom

We remodeled in 2007 and we made a lot of decisions about decor and what-not.  When it came time to decorate the new half bath downstairs, I had run out of steam.  I painted it a boring off white/beige color, added some pictures that were leftover from a previous move and DONE.  So now 5 years later, I was bored with it.  The pictures on pinterest we giving me the bug to re-do things in our house.  Enter...the Half Bath. 


I bought some Annie Sloan chalk paint and it worked great to paint the mirror an antique white.  I mod-podged the clock with scraps of fabric. 
I painted the star too.  It was first red, then blue and now white.  I did paint the walls but it's just a darker version of the beige I had before.  This time semi-gloss.  We had flat paint before and it was not easily wiped down. 

I added some ruffles to the towels.

A little something to read while you are in here.  Found this on etsy. 

A newish rug and 2 re-purposed frames with fabric in them.  The fabric is called Tsuru by Cloud 9 Organics and it's designed by Rashida Coleman-Hale.  Super!!

I love the antique look on the mirror frame. 
aaahh...change is good.  What room is next? 

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