Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hanna Thomas

I have told a few people this....but for those who do not know, I am collaborating with my cousin Andie Hanna on a project.  She is an amazing designer and has tons of experience in the industry of fashion.  We initially thought we could make a book.  I really wanted to make a beautiful book of sewing projects and be published.  But once I started tackling some of the initial steps of putting a book together, I was completely overwhelmed.  So now BABY STEPS.  Instead of a full blown book, why not start with some patterns first, right?  The scope of that is much more manageable to me and doesn't freak me out. 

We had to come up with a name that worked for both of us.  Naming stuff is so hard for me!  It needed to be something that we both liked.  It had to be usable for both kids clothing, adult clothing, bags, accessories, baby items... all of it.  So nothing too cutesy or too boring.  Why not our last names?  And so Hanna Thomas was born.  I think I need to thank Sam from Sew to Speak who suggested it to me.  Look for us soon!

Here is our logo...I think.  I love it.  The fronds and the font are cool, right?

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Mary said...

Ohhhhh! So exciting! I love the name and the logo. It is timeless. Best of luck!