Friday, March 14, 2008

Crafts for Kids

I was talking to a fellow crafter/seamstress the other day and she gave me a great idea. She saves her fabric scraps, stuff too small you can't really use, and when her kids need something to do.... viola! Here's a glue stick and some paper and go to town. I tried it the other day and they loved it. I actually really got into it and had a good time too. We glued and I cut making shapes and such and we came up with some pretty cool artwork. Now this could be done with paper, felt, or whatever you like, but I had fabric and it turned out to be really fun and they are so proud of their art!

I also found that when you make stuff with your kids, they are more invested in the finally product. I just made my son a new big boy blanket and I had him help me with it. He sat by me when I was cutting it and then he watched it embroider his name SEAN on it. "'s S-E-A-N for me!!" Then I sewed it all up and he was so happy that he immediately demoted his "blankie 1" (we number our blankets since we have so many) for this new "Blankie Sean". Too funny... :)

Some other crafts I found:
Lots of good ideas here...
Leprechaun traps and how to catch a leprechaun... too fun!

I am always looking for new ideas for crafts for kids so if you have any, please feel free to email me!

Thanks for reading!

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