Thursday, June 26, 2008

Vacation - at last!!!

Well, it's been 3 years. Three years since we have taken a family vacation. We opted to forgo vacations for a few years...for many reasons like the kids were too little to travel long distances or we had other projects on the house that took priority, etc...

So this year we threw caution to the wind and decided to do it. We are going to Hatteras in the Outer Banks... North Carolina coastline. This place is one of my favorite places in the whole world. Now granted, I am not a world traveler by any means...but I keep wanting to go back to OBX.

I am a little anxious about the car trip with two kids ages 4 and 2. But I think it will be all worth it when they see the ocean, the sand, the lighthouses and all the other great things that makes this place so great to visit. I can't wait get into vacation mode, watch a sunset, have a drink and kick back... although I am taking my sewing machine with me... Yes, I am sad!! But I promise not to use it everyday. Maybe just once or twice so I don't feel completely behind when I get back.

So everyone have a great July 4th and take some time with your families to relax like we will be doing!

Take care and thanks for reading!!

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Cart Along Baby said...

Great blog spot!! Hope the vacation was fun-and not too stressful!!
I'd love to see that new bag in person!