Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What inspires you?

Inspiration comes from a variety of places. A certain fabric, a great store or boutique that has a style all of it's own, your kids and family, other artisans....all of these things are great sources for me.

I really enjoyed participating in the Powell Street Fair this past weekend. Not only did I do well selling my handmade baby items, I got to browse, drool and covet all the great items in a shop called Bloomsbury Loft. I encountered this store last year when I attended the same fair and was lucky enough to have a spot right out front. The shabby chic style and the mix of new and old items really make this store something special. People flocked there because it just has a panache that draws you in.

I came home and wrote down about a dozen ideas that floated around in my head that day just from the inspiration of that street fair and specifically Bloomsbury Loft. If you are ever in Powell, OH you should check it out.

THIS SUNDAY... Aug 3: Artisan Sundays at The North Market. I will be there again with more hooded towels this time. It seems I never make enough OSU towels. I hope to have more this time around.

Thanks for reading!

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