Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Change in Baby Gee's Website and other stuff...

So with all the goings on with Baby Gee's and my classes, etc... I had to make a change to my website. I no longer can offer the "build a blanket" functionality that I once was able to do. I used to have a large selection of cotton top fabrics and then about 6 different minky options that customers could choose from and build a blanket to their specifications. As much as I loved this option, it was becoming to cumbersome for me to maintain as well as costly. I still have tons and tons of fabric that I can offer for blankets, bibs, burp cloths, etc... but for now, I have to stick with the old "here is what I have made" option and post those items that are already to go. I know some may not like this change so I apologize for that...but to keep my sanity and life a little easier, I have to do it.

My specialty blankets like the Baptismal, OSU and Wee Irish blanket will all still be custom made - Never fear! I will always have the necessary materials on hand for these blankets. And towels are still available in a variety of colors as well. It's really just the regular blankets, bibs and burpies that will no longer be "made to order".

I will be creating lots more items over the next few weeks so I can be geared up for my SALE Sept 26-28 and for the coming holiday season. So please check out my site soon for updated offerings.

I also am really excited about the Amy Butler fabrics that came out. I haven't bought any yet, but plan to really soon. The line is called Daisy Chain and they are inspired by what The color combinations are some of my favorites so far. If anyone knows me, they know I like greens and blues together. I have posted some samples here so you can see how beautiful they are. Hmmm... I see a new tote bag in my future.

Thanks for reading!


Amanda said...

I saw you at the North Market on Sunday. how successful was that for you? I was thinking of bringing my nursing covers there, but I wasn't sure if there's a market for that type of item.

Michelle Thomas said...

North Market is always a great venue...although a little slow this past Sunday. Thanks for stopping by my booth. Your covers are very cute!