Monday, September 22, 2008

Back in Business... I got the power!!

Can't you just hear that music to that song now... "I got the power! Whoaaaa..." Ok, yes I am a 80'-90's girl. So yes, 7 days without power really tested me. The first few days it was not bad. We still had hot water. I could grill out. I even figured out that I could run boiled water through the coffee pot and make a cup of joe (a must have).

Then by day 3, I was restless. I wanted my tv back! I wanted to sew!! For crying out loud, I wanted my kids to take a break for a minute. I can only push them on the swings and clean up play-doh so many times. One thing that I did notice too was that they were so tired from PLAYING! Wow...what a concept. So nap time was nice - for them. Not so much for me. I tried reading. That was good for awhile. What I really wanted was access to the computer. Did I have orders I needed to fulfill? It turns out YES! Thank you nice customers for ordering from me... and thanks for your patience because now I will be sewing like a madwoman this week (happily I might add).

So the power outage was a mixed blessing for me. I actually got to know my neighbors much more in this week. I went to bed early too.. that never happens. I enjoyed my kids and played A LOT! But now, I am grateful to have a blow dryer that works and a vacuum that can clean up all the dog hair that I couldn't see before because there were no lights. And of course my trusty sewing machine is now operable...AMEN!

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Heather said...

ya know...when you discover something like being able to make coffee in a blackout, it's your job to share this information. (how did i not think of that??? :( (