Friday, November 14, 2008

My Best Seller - Hooded Towels I love the Buckeyes and I actually look for OSU items when I go to craft shows. I like to see what other people come up with. There are some that are plain cheesy...but some that are darn really depends on the crafter/artist and their abilities.

It seems that my OSU hooded towels for kids are one of the favorites this year. They are super cute with a big block O on the back and the hood resembles the helmets with stripes and all. I love making them until recently. I have made 20 towels in the past few weeks and I still have 12 to go with orders to still fulfill. Yikes! I am not complaining mind you...just wanting to sew something new. I love the orders, just tired of red and black thread and finding enough gray towels. Note to self...stock up for next year and sew in advance!! We live and learn.

The hooded towels are so practical (any variety really) because they are made from a large sized bath towel (usually 30" by 54") and it will fit kids for a long time. I started using them with my son around 6 months because he was ginormous and his legs were hanging out the little thin towels that you get from the baby stores. Necessity is the mother of invention.... not that hooded towels were my invention (far from it). But I needed something bigger and wanted something cute so I made a frog towel first, which is still a favorite of mine. He still uses this towel and he is 4 1/2 now. So it has lasted for sure! So in my opinion, if you don't know what to buy and are looking for a baby gift... get a hooded towel. People get some serious usage out of them and they are really practical. Plus, I never got any for a shower gift...they are sometimes overlooked because all the other stuff is so much cuter.

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