Monday, February 23, 2009

Eco-Chic Craftacular, May 16 & 17

So it's been a long while since I have posted on my blog.....I have wanted to, but I always struggle with something interesting and worthwhile to post. But today I am really excited about an arts and crafts show that I am actually helping to plan and bring to life! It is called the Eco-Chic Craftacular and it is put on by Etsy Team Columbus (ETC) and Whetstone Community Center.

If anyone knows me personally they know I live in the Clintonville area of Columbus, OH and I really like it here. I have pretty much lived here all my life. I have lots of family and friends that are close by, the neighborhoods are real neighborhoods with trees and the community feeling that you get here is just really cool. So that is why I was excited when ETC chose to hold this eco-friendly show right here where I live. The Whetstone Community Center is newly remodeled and in such a great location (High St) for folks in Clintonville to come out and check out this event. We are promoting this event as an eco-friendly show that will challenge vendors to come up with some "greener" options for customers to buy. Not all your items have to be completely "green" but we hope that it will get folks to start making eco-friendly choices when creating arts and crafts.

We hope to get 50-60 vendors, 5-6 food vendors and some educational booths to help educated folks on a greener way of life. I am excited to see the rain barrel demo myself. So save the dates... May 16 and 17 and come check out the Eco-Chic Craftacular!

If you are a vendor and want to participate in this event, please email .


Kate said...

Hi there! Sorry we missed you at the Liberty School show. I was able to sell your spot, so I can refund your table fee. Are there any spots open for this show on 5/16? I'd be interested in joining if there are. I'll email to the address on your post. Thanks! Hope you are feeling well.

Etsy said...

Thanks Kate! I am sorry I missed the Liberty show too. I hope all went well. We are meeting this week to go over all vendors and will let you know what we can do. Talk to you soon!!