Monday, May 10, 2010

Eco Chic Craftacular - May 22 &23

I can't believe how fast time flies... It was just March the last time I posted and now it's MAY!  I am in full swing of doing craft shows and it is so fun.  I complain to my husband about being busy and there is no time....blah, blah, blah.... but he doesn't even listen anymore.  He knows that I may complain but I THRIVE from doing this type of thing.  Making stuff, selling stuff, chatting with other artisans - it's all good.  Being a stay at home mom, it can be a bit exhausting to find balance and still meet your standard for quality time for kids and making sure they are clean and fed, a clean(ish) home, friends, family, etc... but the time I spend crafting and creating is rewarding and something I feel like I will always do even if I don't have a business. 

So with that said I want to promote the heck out of a show that is upcoming and very near and dear to my heart - The Eco Chic Craftacular!!! 

This show is May 22 & 23 and it is held at Whetstone Community Center on High Street in Clintonville.  There will be vendors of all kinds with handmade items with a green twist.  Being friendly to the enviroment and supporting local artisans is a wondering thing so come on down and have some food, listen to some live music and shop around!  I will be outside on the front lawn so let's hope NO RAIN! 


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