Tuesday, August 23, 2011

school starts tomorrow!!!!

 I know I shouldn't be THIS happy about school starting.  But I am.  It means I have more free time to sew and finish projects that have been on my to-do list for a LONG time.  Here are some of them.  And now that I have published this list, I MUST check them off. 

1) finish the quilt I started in Mary's class
2) make napkins and placemats for new class
3) finish curtains for Sean's room
4) finish curtains for living room
5) make new tote bag for shoppe sample
6) make new pillow for shoppe sample
7) make new peasant skirt for shoppe sample



Mary said...

So glad to see Finish Quilt from Mary's Class is #1!!! LOL! I was always doin' a jig the first day of the school year!

babygees said...

let the dancing commence at 8am tomorrow. LOL...of course the quilt is #1 :) although my list may not be completed in the order written...just as long as it gets done!