Sunday, September 4, 2011

half a checkmark

It's better than nothing, right?  So I have really under estimated how much time and energy goes into quiltmaking.  And color selection is hard for me.  I have tons of scraps but I am over thinking all my choices.  But... I HAVE MY QUILT TOP DONE PEOPLE.  Yes, I cheated a bit because it was supposed to be all stars and log cabins and then my 3 kid blocks.  Not happening.  I have substituted some gingham and a cute branches fabric to make up for some of my blocks.  I was getting burnt out!

I am happy with far.  I have some cute spikey edging to add still.

And here are some of my favorite blocks up close
(the kid blocks are a given so I will show those later):

Now back to work...lots to do!

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