Sunday, November 11, 2012

drawstring bag

So I got a ton of these cute little squares from Quilt Market and I have to do something with them.
So I am going to make a little drawstring bag.  I have someone in mind that I want to say thank you too and this would be a cute gift. 
I started by sewing a chain of squares together.   

Then I pressed them down and sewed a 2 rows of them together. 
Then pressed the backs.

How stinkin' cute is this fabric?  Glamping by Mary Jane (moda fabrics)
These squares are just a punch of fun in the drawstring bag.  I have no patience for piecing much more than this!  :)
Add your additional fabric:
Make a liner

Make a channel for the drawstring
Sew together
Sew shut the opening used for turning
press and add your cording or ribbon with a safety pin through the channels
Pretty cute, huh?

 For Martha at the Community Center...a favorite senior of mine.  I hope she likes her little surprise!





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