Friday, June 28, 2013

Classes and updates

I have had an amazing response to my private classes lately!  You all want to learn various patterns and projects so the idea of an "open forum sewing" class was a perfect solution.  All my June and July dates are full right now, but I will add some for August and September and post soon. 

In the meanwhile, here is a looky-loo and the Sew to Speak class schedule:  Click Here

I also have decided to put the daunting task of book writing aside for the moment and concentrate on patterns.  BTW... I had "patterns coming soon..." on my business card for 2.5 years now...or maybe longer.  So it's time to get my act together and make it happen.  My cousin Andie Hanna is partnering with me and somehow this makes it seems more doable for me.  We are brainstorming a name for our joint venture...I am so bad at this part.  Time to get the thinking cap on!

Also another side note - I have made 4 Staple Dresses!  3 of them are tunic tops and one is a real dress.  I really like this pattern!  April did a super job on it.  I made a few tweaks to each one I made to try some new things out, but all-in-all, her pattern is best when left alone and directions followed.  You can tell she put a lot of time and effort in perfecting it.  I think I like knit fabric best for this pattern.  Super comfy. 

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