Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 and soon 2014!

I taught so many sewing classes in 2013!  It was an amazing year.  My Intro classes at Sew to Speak were my favorite.  I love the enthusiasm that new sewists have.  The second runner up was my open forum type classes at my house.  Sometimes they were hectic, sometimes they were silly and laid back...but I always enjoyed seeing people trying new techniques and helping demonstrate as best I could. 

My 2014 will be pretty busy too but in a much different way.  I am going back to school!  Yes, I will be a college student once again.  I want my masters in Education so I can be a teacher.  I am not sure what to expect since it's been 20 years since I have taken college level classes...ACK!!!!

I will still teach 2-3 classes a month at Sew to Speak...just Intro for now.  If time permits, I will add a few home classes once I get into the swing of school.  Private lessons can still be scheduled upon request and as time permits as well. 

I am really excited for 2014!  Bring it on...

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