Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 and soon 2014!

I taught so many sewing classes in 2013!  It was an amazing year.  My Intro classes at Sew to Speak were my favorite.  I love the enthusiasm that new sewists have.  The second runner up was my open forum type classes at my house.  Sometimes they were hectic, sometimes they were silly and laid back...but I always enjoyed seeing people trying new techniques and helping demonstrate as best I could. 

My 2014 will be pretty busy too but in a much different way.  I am going back to school!  Yes, I will be a college student once again.  I want my masters in Education so I can be a teacher.  I am not sure what to expect since it's been 20 years since I have taken college level classes...ACK!!!!

I will still teach 2-3 classes a month at Sew to Speak...just Intro for now.  If time permits, I will add a few home classes once I get into the swing of school.  Private lessons can still be scheduled upon request and as time permits as well. 

I am really excited for 2014!  Bring it on...

Monday, November 4, 2013


Could this be any cuter?!  She did it again...Andie Hanna, your designs are awesome! I especially love the fedoras on the foxes. 

Holiday Sewing Class

Come join me at Whetstone Community Center for a sewing class for all levels of sewists.  You can make presents for the Holidays!!

You can bring your own projects or I can provide you with some ideas:  stockings, napkins, totes...

$40 for 3 classes:  Tuesdays - Dec. 3, 10 and 17.  Register online or call 614-645-3217
Ages 18+ and you can use our machines or bring your own! 

I hope to see you there!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

What is a group of giraffes called?

A tower or herd of giraffes.  That's what I am making!  Super cute softie giraffe family. 


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hanna Thomas

I have told a few people this....but for those who do not know, I am collaborating with my cousin Andie Hanna on a project.  She is an amazing designer and has tons of experience in the industry of fashion.  We initially thought we could make a book.  I really wanted to make a beautiful book of sewing projects and be published.  But once I started tackling some of the initial steps of putting a book together, I was completely overwhelmed.  So now BABY STEPS.  Instead of a full blown book, why not start with some patterns first, right?  The scope of that is much more manageable to me and doesn't freak me out. 

We had to come up with a name that worked for both of us.  Naming stuff is so hard for me!  It needed to be something that we both liked.  It had to be usable for both kids clothing, adult clothing, bags, accessories, baby items... all of it.  So nothing too cutesy or too boring.  Why not our last names?  And so Hanna Thomas was born.  I think I need to thank Sam from Sew to Speak who suggested it to me.  Look for us soon!

Here is our logo...I think.  I love it.  The fronds and the font are cool, right?

Friday, August 23, 2013

A noodle wreath tutorial

With 3 kids, I have a ton of swimming noodles.  Some in good condition...some others have seen better days.  What to do with these not so nice noodles?  Make a wreath of course. 

I cannot take credit for this idea actually.  This month's Country Living magazine had a few ideas on what to use pool noodles for other than the standard floatation device.  Also, Sew to Speak had a cute yarn version of this wreath (with a wreath form) as a class awhile ago.  So I took those ideas and tweaked to come up with this. 

So here goes...

First take the tube and bend into a circle.  Get the handy-dandy duck tape and tape away.  I actually taped and set mine down for a few hours and then came back to it and the duck tape had wiggled/pulled down a bit and the circle was now an oval.  To fix that, just add some tape long ways as well as around the 2 connecting ends. 

Then I found a bunch of scrap fabric.  I choose a variety so that it would be super colorful.  You can use all the same fabric if you like too.  You need to cut 3" wide strips.  I ended up using 14 yards of 3" strips to cover this.  It is really long but I would think 1 yard cut into 3" strips of all one type of fabric would probably work. 
Then sew all your pieces together.  I used about a 1/2" seam allowance.  Press seams open and then iron lengthwise. 

Now comes the fun part.  I liked this so much better than the yarn version because I get bored easily and this goes so much quicker wrapping with fabric.  I used straight pins (dressmaker variety) to attach my end.  Duck tape would work too.  (See my extra duck tape I had to add to keep it in a circle.)

When you get all the way around, use some more pins to secure the end fabric. 
Ok now onto some decoration for it.  I cut some felt leaves. 
I made some felt flowers. 

The pin is just to hold it together so you can baste the bottom secure.  Using a hand needle, sew back and forth along the bottom so all of the layers are secure.  Then you can cut the flower open. 

I actually used pins to attach my flowers so I could reuse them down the road when I get bored and want to change things up again.  Or you could use a hot glue gun to really secure them down.  I did that on a previous yarn wreath and it worked like a charm.  I tried adding a little bird too but then decided against it....too busy?  Anyway...get an old pool noodle and give this a try!
 Happy crafting!!
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