Saturday, November 3, 2007

Home Shows now for Baby Gee's

Baby Gee's is now doing home shows! I think this is a new avenue for me (other than craft shows) to get out there and have my products seen. I am looking forward to booking some shows come January and even hosting some of my own. I would love to pair with other women who also have their own businesses that may want to ramp up business in a new way. So if anyone is interested and wants to send me an email or call to discuss, I would love to hear from you to see if we would be a good fit.

Also, if anyone is interested in hosting a show in January - you will receive $25 worth of product just for booking and earn $10 for each $100 in sales. Great incentive to have a show! And remember - it's not all baby items. I have purses and bags and totes can have a purse party!

I love the idea of supporting other small business owners and by giving a shout out whenever possible. I just had the most fabulous photo session for my kids with Tennille King of Tennille King Photography. ( She came over to the house and we went out in the backyard and then we came in a jumped on the beds. It was so casual and the kids loved it and the pictures turned out terrific! So if anyone in central Ohio is looking for a great photographer, I highly recommend her. Tell her I referred you too - she has a great referral program!

Another local shop that I just love is Sparrowfish on High Street in Clintonville. Yes, I am a little bias because my items are sold here, but there are so many other talented artists and crafters that sell there. Check them out for great gift ideas. I especially love the onesies with appliques on them - too cute!

Stop back soon to read what other new things are going on with Baby Gee's and Punky Pie Designs! Thanks for reading!

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