Friday, November 9, 2007

If you love handmade items, check out

I have heard about Etsy before and I generally knew that it was for handmade items. I did not spend much time browsing it or even invest much time into adding my items there. I am so glad that I met a woman at a local craft show (a show that was a complete bust BTW) that talked to me more about it. The low-down is that it allows crafters and artists to sell items with low fees and you are in a forum with all handmade crafters. So your audience is looking for your type of items specifically. I love it! I love the appreciation that you get automatically from people who "get" the concept of handmade item. I sometimes overhear people say with a's "homemade" or "she just made that- I could do that".... But then other times, I hear the opposite from someone who truly appreciates the time, skill and effort it takes to handmake items. No, I am not painting the Sistine Chapel here, but sewing is a skill that not everyone has and it's a pretty great feeling when that is appreciated.

I need to give a big Kudos to Jen from Pink Polka Dots Bows for pointing me in the direction of Etsy. I have added some items already and even sold a few! Also a kudos for some great bows that I got from Jen - they are sassy and sweet just like her card says - and they hold up against my 2 year old. Please visit her website to see her great selection - very affordable.

Support your local businesses in your community!

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