Sunday, November 18, 2007

On Sale - Handmade Purses!

Many of my handmade purses are on sale now! Get them while they are hot...

Click here to see my sale items. Click here to see all of the bags I offer.

I need to make room for more fabrics and designs so I need to clear out my current inventory. My bags are one of a kind and make great gifts. Start thinking about the holidays... they are right around the corner. What a perfect gift for a friend, sister, daughter, teacher.... anyone!!

I have another great business to tell you all about too. Cart Along Baby is a local home business run by Michelle Smith in Dublin, Ohio. She makes the cutest and most durable shopping cart covers. I own two of them and love them! Her attention to detail is great and there is a wide selection of fabrics to choose from, which is so nice. I would highly recommend ordering from her. What a great baby shower gift. Visit the website today: Cart Along Baby

I have to admit when I first starting putting my son into shopping carts at around 6-7 months (once he was too big for the carrier) I was so reluctant to just plop him in the cart without something there. Plus, then he started to chew on the bar of the cart which was totally gross. I bought my first cart cover from Target and it was one of the non-elastic type that slid around and didn't cover the entire seat area. I used it twice, got frustrated and decided that I would just have to bring my stroller into the stores. Well that didn't last long because my stroller was not that big and when you have to go "big" shopping - it's not working.

I then found Michelle Smith and Cart Along Baby. I bought a cover from her and it was WONDERFUL! My son couldn't chew on the bars now.. there was a soft padded cushion between him and all the germs! Yippee! I bought a blue one the first time so of course when my daugther was born, I had to get pink too. So I own two of them now and I still use it with my daughter who is now 2 years old. They are worth every penny!

Support local small businesses and think about doing your holiday shopping with them!


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