Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Holidays are over (finally)!

Ok.... I am one of those people that really stress out at Christmas time. My favorite holiday is Halloween. No pressure of gifts, there's candy, it's all about dressing up and having fun. Christmas gift giving has been an ongoing dilemma for me for years now. I never can think of something useful or ingenious for people. I wait and wait and wait and think and think and think, then it's Dec 18 and I have nothing. Yikes!

So this year I used the internet - Alot! I think I ordered 75% of my items from the internet. What joy! Although I did have to venture out to the mall (yes on Dec 23 and 24!) - it was not as painful as it had been in the past. I got a game plan together and stuck to it. I found this sweet little website that makes handmade items and I found the CUTEST purses and wristlets ever. Yes, I make purses too, but I admit - I am new to purses and was a little nervous of giving my own items as gifts. Plus, these designs and fabrics were something I had not seen before. I love buying handmade when I can and this was the perfect avenue to do it. The store is found on and it is called xsbaggage.
Check it out....great items. I would buy from here again for sure!

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