Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Not your Grandma's hobby anymore..... And Amy Butler is coming!!

I have been teaching sewing classes now for only 3 months. It has been so much fun. I cannot get over how many people want to learn to sew. In my mind, I sort of thought of sewing as a grandma thing to do. I liked it but I never really bragged I could do it or wore anything I made. It's kind of like that high school mentality of not having the right brand of jeans or whatnot.... but it is not like that now!

With Project Runway now on tv, I think there is a whole new bright light on sewing and making things yourself. I just had one of the best classes with some up and coming seamstresses that have a real fashion sense. I taught a pillowcase dress pattern and we modified it to fit them as a top (teens) and they choose some really cool fabrics and really made the pieces their own.

My classes continue to fill up and I love it! I get giddy seeing people enthusiastic about making clothing, bags, curtains.... the list is really endless.

And on to another thing that I am really giddy over: Amy Butler
For those who do not know, she is a fabric designer (among other things) and she has such unique fabrics. She is coming to town for a book signing and I will definitely be in line. I believe she will be at Polaris Mall at Paper and Thread from 6-8pm on Friday. Woohoo!!

Thanks for reading and sign up early for classes at Sew to Speak at 4610 N. High St. See ya!

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