Thursday, October 2, 2008

What to do?

Several weeks...maybe months...ago, I was tipped off by a fellow Etsian about a new site that allows you to print your own fabric. It is called Spoonflower and it sounded really cool to try. So I puzzled about what to do. I am not a designer by any stretch of the imagination but the thought of creating my very own fabric that no one else in the world has was appealing. So I took a stab at VERY simple pattern...only 3 colors in a sunburst pattern. I ordered a yard and got it in the mail the other day. It was so exciting to open it up and see how it turned out. It is really cute! It is very simple but admittedly I tend to gravitate toward simpler patterns.

Now the dilemma....what should I do with it? Should I make a blanket? Bibs and burpies? Nah... Some throw pillows? I have no plans for it at all.... YET (operative word).

It was sort of expensive (as compared to real designer fabrics, i.e. Amy Butler, Michael Miller, etc...) so I want to keep it and make something for me or my family but ideas are sparse. It's only one yard...hmmm...what to do? I totally have caught the bug and want to create some more designs now! But before I do, I want to have a plan for it. I saw a good idea on the Angry Chicken blog about a quilt cheater cloth and I think that might be my next attempt. Yes, theiving ideas (but not designs) and I will put my own little spin on it.

Later peeps... thanks for reading and leave comments if you have any ideas! I need some... :)

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